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Education System

Teaching and learning process in the Faculty of Engineering is conducted in two major activities, seminar and discussion. Laboratory work and project are also assigned to the student to let them experience direct practical work both in the laboratory and on site to improve and develop their skill while also broadening their knowledge.

Since 1980/1981 the Education has implemented Semester Credit System in Higher Education institutions throughout Indonesia. Referring to the Decision ofDirector General of Higher Education No. 232/U/2000 a specific curriculum is designed for the Faculty of Engineering asprescribed within the Decision of Rector No. 343/SK/J07/SK/2002, except for that of Machine Engineeringthat is prescribed within the Decision of Rector No. 300/SK/J07/2003, and that of Shipping Engineering that is prescribed within the Decision of Rector No. 170/SK/J07/2004. Development of the curriculum has been undertaken since 2007/2008 aiming for international standardization. The latest curriculum is prescribed in the Rector’s Regulation No. 193/PER/H7./2008, while academic administrative is regulated in the Rector’s Regulation No. 346/PER/H7/2008. As of today, current effective curriculum employed by the university is that of Curriculum 2017.

In order to fulfil the mandate ofThe Regulation of the Minister of Research and Higher Education No.44 tahun 2015 and to shorten the period of study, the University of Diponegoro is committed to administer short-semester courses between regular semesters.Questionnaires are distributed among students to learn their interest and enthusiasm on the availability of short semester program to reserve coursework and classes. In so doing, students are requested to fill the questionnaire form at the following link:

short semester