Public lecture

“Job Prospects for Geospatial Information and Processes for Certification of Human Resources in Geospatial Information in Indonesia”

Tuesday September 18 2018 in the Dean Building LT. 3


Ir. Nicolas Sutopo (PT. Adicon Mulya)

Dr.rer.nat. Sumaryono, M.Sc. (Geospatial Information Agency)

Haryuatmanto (PT. Waindo specTerra)

The first speaker was Ir. Nicolas Sutopo (PT. Adicon Mulya) gave a presentation on the Prospects for Geospatial Information Work in Indonesia. Mr. Sutopo said that employment opportunities in the field of Geospatial Information will never run out, because:     

  1. Digital maps of Indonesian Earth from BIG always require UPDATING (5-Year Urban, 10-Year Rural).     
  2. Land certificates at BPN require a Land Map (Registration, Solving, Land Merging, Boundary Reconstruction required Measurement and Mapping).     
  3. Each Work Planning Design Details (Roads, Bridges, Airports, Docks, Weirs, Reservoirs, etc.) required a New Large Scale Map.

Mr. Sutopo explained that there are quite a lot of job opportunities for Bachelor of Geodesy / Geomatics in government and private institutions, so Geodesy / Geomatics graduates are expected to have professional certification such as the Indonesian Surveyor Association (ISI) and Licensed Cadastre Surveyor (SKB) to support competence in work. Mr. Sutopo also explained how to obtain professional certification.

The second speaker was Mr. Dr.rer.nat. Sumaryono, M.Sc. (Geospatial Information Agency) provides a presentation on the professional development and the Geospatial Information industry. In his material he gave guidance on the demands of HR and industry reliability IG. In fact the number of human resources is still less than what is needed, both the quantity, quality and distribution. He explained the opportunities for employment in the GI field were very large until 2024. However, IG Human Resources also had to increase competence due to the presence of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC). The need for competency standards so that IG human resources can compete with other countries with reference to SKKNI and KKNI IG.

The third speaker was Mr. G. Haryuatmanto (PT. Waindo specTerra) giving a presentation on the Geospatial Industry in Indonesia. He quoted the words of “Head of the Geospatial Information Agency (BIG), namely Hasanuddin Zainal Abidin, who said Indonesia still lacked the industry engaged in the geospatial field to realize the independence of geospatial information (IG) in 2019”, so there are still many business opportunities in the Geospatial Information field. He also explained in detail the job opportunities for Geodesy / Geomatics graduates starting from the beginning of his career to become a manager.

This public lecture activity was held from 08.30 WIB to completion with around 60 participants. This activity is expected by the participants to know the prospects and job opportunities and understand how the certification process for the Geospatial Information field, and of course it is very important for this activity for the Department of Geodetic Engineering of Diponegoro University to establish friendship with the Geospatial Information Agency, PT. Adicon Mulya, and PT. For specTerra.

Author: Nurhadi Bashit and Selli Angelita BR Sitepu