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Industrial Internship and Final Project

Industrial internship is a self-development program attended by students in a community or a company to apply the theory they have required in practice. Prior to registration of Industrial Internship program, students are to some documents in the following links.

  1. Syarat dan Prosedur KP
  2. Template Proposal KP
  3. Form Pelaksanaan KP(Anda harus login gmail Anda terlebih dahulu)
  4. Template Laporan KP
  5. Form Logbook dan Asistensi KP
  6. Form Nilai KP

Final project is a scientific work arranged by students of each study programbased on thorough research on certain problemunder the supervision of counselors. It is one of the requirements of graduation.

Terms and Conditions of taking Final Project

  1. Proposal Seminar(You have to log in through gmail)
  2. Handbook and Template of Final Project Report
  3. Seminar Result(You have to log in through gmail)
  4. Final Project Examination